The Digital Transformation of Health Care System

The advancement of digital health technologies, IT, and the appearance of the internet with social media channels set profound changes in healthcare in motion. The power of online communities, as well as empowered patients, appeared, pushing for a more equal-level doctor-patient relationship. As patients are more info. They need a different type of rapport with their doctors than before. Medical students are more inclined to ask questions. The future healthcare professionals need to undergo long-term intensive training on how to use and create knowledge from electronic sources to solve and prevent health problems, becoming digitally health literate.

To raise awareness on digital transformation in healthcare some ideas are shared here.

Content on practical skills

  • Telemedicine
  • Electronic health records (EHR) and clinical decision support systems (CDSS)
  • Bioinformatics, genomics, and precision medicine
  • Smart health devices and mHealth Statistics for data analytics in healthcare
  • Basic knowledge of artificial Intelligence and neural networks

All these skills are expected to learn to attain positive transformation in the medical field.

Get involved

There are a lot of opportunities to learn more about digital health and its dimensions, even if your university is lagging in implementing these topics in your curriculum. From online courses and modules to summer schools on artificial intelligence in healthcare, you take the initiative to start exploring by yourself.

Organize an event

An event at your university is a great way to raise your fellow students’ awareness of digital health and to draw the attention of educators and curriculum developers to the topics like organizing workshops, conducting lecture series, and functioning Science/medicine/health clubs. Each program should be thematically engaged and those attendees can be used for further gatherings and networking practices.

Sharing knowledge.

Educating awareness is a basic activity towards creating an impact. So you need to ensure that your colleagues and target group are educated on the particular topic which you want to tackle. Inform yourself and learn more about the specific topic you are concerned with and come up with solutions.

Digital Health Elective

At most universities, organizing an “official” elective is impossible without engaging professors and educators in planning and execution. It is possible when students are involved in introducing interactive discussion methods like fishbowl discussion or world café format. It requires a high degree of initiative and long-term commitment on your part.


All the above-mentioned tactics are essential for digital transformation in health care. Amidst the unknown arrival of pandemic diseases in the world, upgrading in medicine field is very important for students.

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